Session 1: 21st of July, 2020

WWF hosted a meeting involving many like-minded institutions to explore ways of working more closely together on issues related to the conservation of grassland and savannah ecosystems.

The meeting included colleagues from Agrecol – CELEP; Cuenca Los Ojos; Equilibrium Research; Food and Agriculture Organisation; Fundacion Vida Silvestre; Great Plains Conservation Network; Humboldt University; International Livestock Research Institute; International Union for Conservation of Nature; Nature Conservancy; Thuenen Institute; UN Convention to Combat Desertification; University of Arizona and Wuerzburg; Wildlife Conservation Society; World Agroforestry & WWF

Session 2: 1st of September, 2020

WWF hosted a second meeting to explore ways of working more closely together on issues related to the protection and management of grassland and savannah ecosysems.

Session 3: 10th of November, 2020

The focus of the third meeting was on rangeland mapping. Existing global/regional (and national) big data sets or data platforms on rangeland have been explored in breakout sessions.

Session 4: 19th of January, 2021

Grassland/rangeland Restoration in the UN Food Systems Summit: Interactive session to generate ideas for UN Food Systems Summit.

Session 5: 16th of February, 2021

Importance of Grassland / Rangeland for Food Production

WEBINAR on Restoration and Sustainable Management of Rangelands:
(Presented by: Lucy WARUINGI,
Executive Director, African Conservation Centre)

Zoom Recording Session 5 Passcode: ?TJH5F&6

Session 6: 16th of March, 2021

Policies for Grassland, Rangeland and Savannahs

Zoom Recording Session 6 Passcode: j@xb44GA

Session 7: 27th of April, 2021

Outreach and collaboration – an open discussion


Zoom recording session 7 Passcode: 9#MmNbMh

Session 8: 29th of June, 2021


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