Why a Global Grassland & Savannah Dialoque Platform?

The Global Grassland and Savannah Dialoque Platform seeks to develop consensus around human and biological importance of these ecosystems. The dialogue platform will set objectives, convene influencers and experts, advocate globally, and share information and best management practices – making the case for grasslands and savannahs conservation using the best available science, as well as testimonies from grassland-dependent communities.

Grasslands and savannahs are facing among the fastest and largest rates of conversion and degradation of any biome, resulting in significant biodiversity loss, carbon emissions, and impact on freshwater systems. Although many human activities contribute to this problem, unsustainable agricultural production is the main driver. Moreover, only 8% of these biomes are protected, and protection for some grassland and savannah ecosystems is far less. A lack of awareness of their value contributes to their vulnerability and has resulted in limited action on the global conservation agenda.

WWF has set up a Concept for Global Grassland and Savannah Initiative identifying a Global Grassland Platform as a keystone, beside the implementation on the ground.


  • Exchange the latest knowledge and insights about sustainable grassland management, restoration and protection

  • Exchange on lessons-learned from practical approaches on the ground

  • Positioning on grassland and savannah ecosystems in global policies and frameworks

  • Gain inspiration about the potential of the protection and restoration of grassland ecosystems

  • Cooperate on potential funding opportunities

  • Development of joint discussion papers

  • Support implementation on the ground


2020 and 2021 important decisions must be made such as the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, the UN DECADE on ECOSYSTEM Restoration (2021-2030), new set of SDGs and Enhancement of (National Determined Contribution) NDC under the Paris Agreement. The designation of the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists will need support and follow-up at UNEA 5 Resolutions. IUCN World Congress Motion “Protecting and Restoring endangered Grassland Ecosystems” is in discussion and Restoration will play an important role in the next UNCCD Conference.