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Grasslands & Savannahs – neglected ecosystems? Time to act
Conference in Berlin on June 4th, 2019


Grasslands and savannahs occupy 30 % of the earth’s land surface and harbour up to a third of terrestrial biodiversity. But they are under tremendous threat and have received far less attention than forests, oceans and wetlands.

In consequence, grasslands are less well protected, disappearing more quickly, and often suffering knock-on effects when other conservation drives land-use change into grasslands instead. In Brazil for example, the Cerrado is disappearing twice as fast as the Amazon, and at present rates the whole ecosystem will disappear within a decade.

To discuss the Protection, Sustainable Management and Restoration of grasslands and savannahs representatives from 12 countries (China, Mongolia, Nepal, Australia, US, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon and Germany) and great speaker from UNCCD, KBA/WCS, Savory Institute and Equilibrium Research came together in Berlin.

The group exchanged experience about grassland and savannah conservation and ways for sustainable management. Expert provided an overview of status, ecosystem service,  trends, threats and opportunities in these amazing habitats.

Participants agreed to try to raise the profile of these unique and beautiful ecosystems.
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Project Workshop on Grasslands & Savannahs
Berlin from June 5th to 7th, 2019


First project workshop in Berlin from September 11th to September 15th, 2017

After one year of work the first project workshop with all partners took place in Berlin in the week of September 11th –  15th, 2017. The teams from WWF Germany, Colombia and Paraguay worked together the whole week, talked about the status quo and discussed first results and upcoming activities. One day was dedicated to the partners and another to present the progress to the BMUB / IKI and other external partners.



The workshop ended on Friday with a farm visit with Mr. Piesker, owner of the organic farm “Muri” in the biosphere reserve “Spreewald”. The farm has 1220 ha in total, 234 ha farming land, 986 ha grassland with 1006 suckler cows and is part of the WWF project “agriculture for biodiversity.


Colombia’s rural development must honour peace agreement

We are happy to share with you the release of a correspondence in “nature”, the international journal of science, by our SuLu 2 project partner “zalf”, mentioning our land use change project in Colombia. Within the WWF SuLu2 project, this contribution aims to further the investigation of sustainable land use management practices. It does this by raising awareness about the need for sustainable land use guidelines for the areas included in the First Agricultural Frontier in Colombia, the first milestone of the peace agreement.​

Read more on the website of the website of the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), on the website of nature or directly here in the download section:

Colombian grassland2 (c) WWF Ilka Petersen