Colombia focused in 2019 on positioning the low carbon conservation model. Bibo, a campaign lead by the national newspaper El Espectador in partner-ship with WW, dedicated one collectible to the Orinoquia, helping the general public to be aware of its biodiversity and culture:

Also during 2019 a new collectible has been launched about food and its impact on environment. In the chapter about “asado” a story about livestock in flooded Savannahs appeared. This collectible is available for everyone who buys the newspaper on Saturdays and a digital version is available as well through the websites

Each collectible has so a promotion through social media.

As a result of a Sulu working with the livestock sector, a video showing some of the good practices in our pilot and how this connects with savannah conservation:

In addition, two producers experience exchanges were developed, one in Colombia and the other in Paraguay. The Colombian one was developed in Paz de Ariporo Casanare, in the Sulu Pilot Reserve “La Esperanza”:

The publication of the „Low carbon conservation production model of cattle ranching in flooded savannahs guideline“ was an opportunity to continue working with the media in promoting Orinoquias savannahs. This article was published two days after the presentation events: