Digital Campaign “The Paraguayan Pantanal”:
The campaign used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as the main digital plat-forms to position the Pantanal and its richness of biodiversity. The campaign was carried out in collaboration with the Pantanal Chaco and Sustainable Landscapes projects. The audiovisual material had more than 102,000 views on social network platforms:

Media coverage of farmer exchange between Colombia and Paraguay:
The experience-exchange in Alto Paraguay was used to man-age an interview with Canal Pro, one of the leading TV channels on production issues. Eduardo Martínez, a livestock producer from Co-lombia, and Patricia Roche, Project Officer of WWF-Paraguay participated in the interview, and gave their impressions of the field trip and knowledge exchange.

Guide for Strengthening Community Governance in the Paraguayan Pantanal as a result of the inclusive Workshop on Community Governance in the Paraguayan Pantanal, Bahía Negra (Activity V.2.2). The workshop had two objectives: 1. share and evaluate the results and data on the socio-economic aspects of the region; 2. draw guidelines to strengthen community governance, It was published in the institutional website of WWF- Paraguay.

In 2019 press publications about the forest-fire in the Paraguayan Pantanal were managed by WWF-Paraguay with expert-interviews, photos and maps. From August 20 to October 31, more than 212 WWF appearances were recorded in the digital press, 30 radio interviews and 26 television interviews.
Here you find some of the appareances:

In response to the increase in forest fires and the protected areas affected, WWF-Paraguay produced a call-to-action video based on images of the Pantanal before the fires. The video was shared through WWF-Paraguay’s social networks with more than 1,400 views. Also, this material was shared by the traditional media.