Video: Kuba’an Puak Corridor Project in Sarawak

We are happy to present the video about our work on sustainable forest management in East Malaysia. It summarises the community activities as well as our future plan – going forward, which includes:

  • strengthen collaboration with key partners,
  • enhance and empower local communities in co-stewardship,
  • establish market links for local products,
  • maintain ecosystems – through replanting rattan and sago,
  • and create alternative food sources (improve farming practices and introduce tagang).

Enjoy watching:

Kuba’an-Puak Coffee Table Book

We are happy to present a new book that tells a story of the people and their livelihoods, as well as the wonders of nature in Kuba’an-Puak corridor. It showcases the people’s hopes and dreams for their future generations.

Kubaan-Puak Community Representative Committee (CRC) Bonding Day

Semi-nomadic Penan community from different villages in Kubaan-Puak, Ulu Tutoh, Sarawak had a whale of a time in the first community bonding day (telematics) held by Kubaan-Puak Community Representative Committee (CRC) and WWF-Malaysia. The event – featuring traditional and contemporary games – was held a day after the CRC had its first annual general meeting.

(Video by Chan Yee Zen)

The Kubaan-Puak Landscape

Flora and fauna

The Penan people