The protection of forests for the benefit of people, nature and climate – A Multi-Level Approach

ParLU (Paraguay Land Use) is a four-year initiative (2012-2016). This project seeks the integration between human activities and forest conservation. Its primary mission is the design and development of measures for integration within the REDD+ focus (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), with an adaptable approach for various political, social and economic factors, promoting pilot projects in the Atlantic Forest and the Pantanal, and also supporting the scheme of payments for environmental services.

ParLU is funded by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMUB).

Work Strategies

  1. ParLU promotes forest law enforcement and awareness raising in governmental entities, such as municipalities, and rural communities at three different levels:
    Local level
    Tests models that can be included in the National REDD+ Strategy. Beginning with 6 indigenous and rural communities (5 in the Atlantic Forest and 1 in the Pantanal).
    National level
    Participates as technical advisor of the National Commission on Climate Change, controlling climate phenomena in Paraguay.
    International level
    Promotes the exchange of ideas and solutions to combat climate change, calling for lively participation in annual events such as the Conference of the Parties (COP), organized by the United Nations, in which Paraguay has been participating for 9 sessions.
  2. Complete an assessment of carbon baseline for the Atlantic Forest (BAAPA) and the Pantanal, including the assessment of land use, analysis of the hidden and underlying causes of deforestation and forest cover baseline.
  3. Designing 6 initiatives in key areas in the Atlantic Forest and the Pantanal to improve the income of participating communities that avoid deforestation, degradation and help restore forests and protect watercourses.
  4. Raise awareness among local stakeholders and build capacity for REDD+ to ensure active participation in the National REDD+ process.
  5. Communicate the results of international negotiations related to REDD+ to local actors.

Main Goals and Objectives

  1. Assess the situation of land tenure in the Atlantic Forest and the Pantanal as well as the underlying causes of deforestation and develop key points of the forest cover and the carbon level for both.
  2. To support and monitor the development of the REDD+ National Plan in the Pantanal and the BAAPA integrating subnational focus in the national REDD+ framework.
  3. Cooperate in the development of the protocol of Payments for Environmental Services (PES).
  4. Contribute to the design and operation of a system to monitor, report and verify the impacts of the REDD + strategy locally.
  5. Develop REDD+ initiatives for different political, social and economic situations.
  6. Communicate results and progress through international conferences, workshops and social networking.

Project Areas